Bernese Mountain Dog
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“The Bernese Mountain Dog is a SPECIAL dog”

for the aspect, for the character and for the affection he can give every human being !!!

Origin : Switzerland.

Classification FCI : Group 2 – dogs Pinscher Schnauzer , Molossian and Swiss Cattle Dogs . The Bernese Mountain Dog Are Called also ” Sennenhunde ” . The origins are very ancient . Many of the authors support the theory That the ” Bernese ” SIA autochthonous origin . Another theory Exposes The Fact That the ‘ ancestor of Bouvier Both State introduced from legions of ancient Rome , in Switzerland , this being one of the many Roman imperial colonies . Read more >>>

Our dogs were selected from the best Italian and foreign farms .

They are all sons and grandsons of champions who in their lifetime have racked up prestigious awards and accolades .

All subjects for breeding have been made the official plates hips and elbows after 15 months of life ; we deposited DNA and was made the analysis for degenerative myelopathy at the ” Laboratory of Genetics and Services ” ( LGS ) of Cremona . Read more >>>